The Overgrip project was actually the second endeavor for SPF. We started the company with the vision to help outdoor companies and outdoors people help each other. How to do that? Teach anglers and outdoors folks how to be sponsored. Not how to get sponsored. How to build relationships that extend beyond the product comps, boat wraps, and jersey logos. In addition, help the outdoor companies by providing services to support their Pro Staff both directly and indirectly through social media management, content development, and quality social media traffic assurance.

We will be kicking off these services later this year after the Overgrip's transition is underway. We would love to hear from you if your ready to step up your game. If you're a company that just isn't getting what you want out of your promotional staff or your a Pro Staffer who want's to broaden your reach and influence, please feel free to contact us and give us some information about you, the work you're doing today, your social media contacts,  and what you would like to improve your efforts in the outdoor industry. We will be choosing a select group of companies and individuals to work with based on key attributes of your inquiry.  We can't wait to hear from you.  

SPF President 

Jay Norsworthy

Fishing rod innovation introduced at ICAST

Orlando, FL (July 12, 2017) - Ardent Tackle LLC of Macon, Mo USA introduced today at the ICAST convention a true innovation for the fishing rod industry. The new Ardent Pro Rod Overgrip improves angler comfort by eliminating hand stress and fatigue caused by rod split grip design, reel seats and reel foot irritation on spinning reels. The patent pending design utilizes a proprietary silicone composite that achieves a balance of product durability and softness without reducing rod sensitivity. The casting and spinning models of the Pro Rod Overgrip provide a universal fit to any brand of rod, reel seat or freshwater reel design. The items are available individually for installation on previously purchased rods or also available pre-installed on select Ardent rod and combo models. This is a true innovation that provides an angling benefit never before realized with cork, eva, or golf grip materials used on rods.
“The Ardent Pro Rod Overgrip is a major benefit for anglers. Incredible comfort with no reduction in rod sensitivity. These will be on every rod I own” said FLW Tour Pro Clayton Batts.
The Ardent Pro Rod Overgrip MSRP is $19.99 and will be available in stores soon and also available @ ardent
For more information on the Pro Rod Overgrip contact Ardent at
About Ardent
Ardent Tackle LLC is a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of freshwater fishing tackle and a distributor of Blue Marlin saltwater Tackle and WFT Gliss & WFT Strong Braid fishing line. With operations in St. Louis and Macon Missouri, Ardent is an American owned company that designs our products in the USA and manufactured overseas to deliver the highest performance at the lowest consumer cost. Our administration, engineering, quality assurance, shipping and receiving, and sales and marketing personnel are all employed in the USA. Catch us at